2022 - 12 - 30

US Steel Plant Extension Project Secured in Q4

US Steel Plant Extension Project Secured in Q4
Big River Steel LLC Osceola, AR, USA

Hansa Meyer Global Group has been awarded with the logistical implementation of international capital goods supplies for a new steel plant project located at Osceola AR, USA
The extension of the existing plant includes supplies for a pickling line with cold rolling mill as well as a galvanizing line and gas cleaning plant.
The project has started in December 2022 and shall last until end of 2023. The total scope of delivery comprises approx. 50,000.00 freight tons which will jointly be handled by our head quarter in Bremen, Germany and Hansa Meyer RoliProjects LLC, Houston TX.
The deliveries shall take place by break bulk as well as containerized vessel originating from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Korea, China, Brazil and Mexico up to delivery jobsite Osceola, Arkansas, USA.