Case Studies

Case Studies in Laos

Hydro Power Plant Equipment

Case Study #1:

Hydro Power Plant Equipment

Branch in charge: Germany and Thailand

Destination: Laos

Cargo: Hydro Power Plant Equipment

Volume: 150,000 frt

Job description:

Hansa Meyer Global Transport´s scope of work is from FCA/FOB loading port up to DAP project site Xayaburi (350 km northwest of Vientiane, Laos / 800 km north of Bangkok, Thailand) and includes vessel chartering trucking to project site and foundation placement for transformer. The total transportation volume sums up to 150,000 frt, whereof the major part is scheduled to be shipped/trucked from China, while the minor part is of European and Indian origin.

Some main pieces for this factory have the following dimensions and weight:

Runner Hub 400 x 390 x 390 cm / 160 mt single piece weight

Main transformer 910 x 410 x 440 cm / 170 mt single piece weight

Stay Ring / Liner 1130 x 530 x 480 cm / 62 mt single piece weight

Powerhouse Crane 2550 x 240 x 360 cm / 50 mt single piece weight

Substation - Thabok / Nabong

Case Study #2:

Substation - Thabok / Nabong

Branch in charge: Thailand

Destination: Thabok and Nabong Substation, Laos

Cargo: Power Transformer

Volume: 3 x 106 MT Transformer and Accessories

Job description:

HMGT was appointed to handle all inland transportation from Laem Chabang Port to Thabok and Nabong Substation in Laos.

The services included port supervision, road surveys, road permit application, import customs clearance Laos consulting on Master List.