Case Studies

Unsere Case Studies in Myanmar

LNG power plant in Myanmar

Case Study #1:

LNG power plant in Myanmar

Branch in charge: China

Destination: Yangon, Myanmar

Cargo: Engines and Auxiliaries
including 16 units Wartsila Engines each 1430x410x630cm/289.5tons & 16 units ABB generators each 71.5tons

Volume: 23,000 frt

Job description:

Total Project duration only 6 months, shipments’ schedule are very strictly. We support client to find the best sailings with shortest transit time.

Besides sea freight, the project includes pre-carriage by SPMT from backyard to alongside of the vessel and combined barge & Roll off/ trucking to final site, manually setting on foundation.

The total project has a volume of approx.. 23,000 FRT and includes heavy lifts 16@289.5 tons.