United Kingdom

Energy Project

Case Study #1:

Energy Project

Branch in charge: Bremen

Destination: Keadby, UK

Cargo: As per Commodity List

Volume: 51,000 frt incl. 30 Heavy Lift Units

Job description:

Siemens awarded us with the logistics contract to deliver one of the world’s most efficient combined cycle power plants to UK, including the world’s first deployment of the 50Hertz version of Siemens’ SGT-9000HL Gas Turbine.

Oversea cargoes will be shipped by conventional Charter Vessel or Container Vessel up to UK Port of Entry, as from there we will either use direct Trucks to Site or Coaster up to nominated Wharf for further transportation to Site.

In order to deliver all cargoes safe and sound up to Site following challenges to be managed by the Team of Hansa Meyer Global
Development of a Wharf which is currently not in use and has not been in operation since 1995
Construction of a Road from the Wharf up to Site